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Does this make your mouth water? Make your Holiday gathering a memorable one with a standing rib roast from The Butcher’s Market. This is a signature item that we take great pride in preparing to our exacting standards. We first “french” the bones, or cut away the excess fat from the last two inches of the bones. Next, we cut the roast about 90% away from the rib bones, but not separating the meat completely from the bones. We then tie the roast back together with butcher’s twine. When cooking is complete, the last step is to cut the twine and make one small cut to completely separate the roast from the ribs. The roast is now ready to be sliced into portions and ready to eat. Doing this preparation work prior to cooking makes the cook’s job so much easier. They won’t have to wrestle with a hot piece of meat, making their (and your) Holiday more enjoyable. As a full service butcher shop providing quality meats with exceptional service, there is no extra charge for this work.

We have standing rib roast available from two to seven bones and we recommend one bone for every two adults. We provide seasoning and cooking instructions with each standing rib roast. (The roast in the picture was seasoned with coffee. Check out the recipe. We also offer additional recipes if the one with coffee is not to your liking.)

We also offer this cut in USDA Choice or USDA Prime.

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