This Thanksgiving – Try All-Natural Free Range Turkey

This Holiday Season, serve your family and guests the turkey they deserve. Taste the difference in our Joyce Farms Uncooked All-Natural Free Range Turkey. Like turkeys generations ago, our turkeys are grown naturally without hormones or artificial growth stimulants on farms with free range pastures, where they are allowed to roam outside in fresh air and sunshine. Joyce Farms turkeys are raised and processed to be the most plump, juicy, tender, and freshest turkey produced today.


 * Joyce Farms Free Range Turkeys and Turkey Breasts * Smoked Turkey * Smoked Turkey Breast * Deep Fried Turkey (Regular or Cajun Injected) * Beef Tenderloin * Standing Rib Roast * Crown Pork Roast * Turducken (Shrimp & Crawfish or Cornbread Dressing – Certified Cajun shipped from Louisiana) * Whole Smoked Ham * Spiral Sliced Honey Ham * Gift Certificates

Please call TODAY (770-288-2437) to place your holiday order, while supplies last. 

2 thoughts on “This Thanksgiving – Try All-Natural Free Range Turkey

  1. Hello – if you have any fresh Free-range turkeys, how large are they and how much per pound are they?

    I am looking to smoke 2 x 16lb turkeys for Thanksgiving.

    1. Fresh never frozen free-range turkeys are $3.99/lb and are available in 10-24 lb sizes. You can choose any size you want and we will get it as close to your size as we can. These need to be pre-ordered.

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